12 December 2010

Moose on Jersey Shore

I have no shame in admitting that I like "Jersey Shore". Does it seem silly that they just picked a group of random kids to put up in a beach house and film them partying and creating their own drama? Of course. But man, it's that kinda stuff that drives network ratings as well as appeals to so many Americans. Everyone wants to be all up in everyone else's business. So why not get a group of cuties, give them alcohol, add hormones, and then broadcast it all on the air.

I would bet that most people would say Snooki is by far the most entertaining character of them all. She carries that poof like no one else and I think someone should create a Twitter Account called Snookis_Poof; there would be so much of the inside scoop of Snooki's life, that we'd all be in on what really goes down when the cameras are off.

We'd have a fun "Situation" there, I think.

And to add to even more of that fun, I think Moose and Snookis_Poof would become the best of friends. Moose has no shame in displaying his life and every single aspect, so why not add a whole new level to the world of Jersey Shore??

Now, if Angelina decides to return, I'd bet money that once again she leaves because she's a conniving "dirty little hamster" who loves to stir the pot in the house. Not to mention, she lies through her teeth and can never take responsibility for her actions. But just as @tbeanmom pointed out on Tweetdeck the other day, she does have an offer to make a porn spoof of the show. @tbeanmom is TOTALLY on the up and up with what goes down on Jersey Shore. Not to mention, she's the amateur publicist for @TeamDJPaulyD...what devotion. I love it.

Moose is shaking his head at the thought of Angelina in a porn. I think he's over there in his kennel praying that it doesn't happen. He'd hate to have to take out his left eye, too, after having the retina seared from such a scary sexual travesty.

But Moose and Snooki? Yeah, that's about as awesome as it'd get on that show...the partying, the gossip, the slipper-wearing good times. And when Angelina pulls another one of her stunts, it's no second thought for Moose to just prance on over, take a dump in her shoes, and fart in her purse.

Moose would always have Snooki's back--she seems to have a good heart, a ton of energy, and he'd certainly be able to keep up. And what doesn't add to the energy of a bunch of Jersey kids, who tan, party, and live out their drama? A one-eyed wiener who doesn't listen, does whatever he wants, denies any boundaries, and acts like he owns the world.

Plus, he has 6-pack abs, tight glutes, and the same kinda smolder as The Situation. He's not down with the GTL, though--just the G. He doesn't need the T, he's already got a shiny soft coat that the perfect red color for a wiener. The L part? Dude runs around naked all day, who wouldn't love THAT life?

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  1. HEY YINZ, i like Yinzs blog and what not...You're analysis is SPOT ON...I'm a big fan of yours