22 November 2010


It's always this time of year that people want to say what they are thankful for and many times it's just the same stuff: family, friends, job, health, etc.

Moose and I made a list of things we're thankful for that may fall outside of that typical range. Here goes:

1) Moose is thankful for his hotdog. He loves that toy more than panties sometimes and has an average rate of 568 squeaks a minute. I'm thankful for 2 hands that sometimes need to take that toy away.

2) I'm thankful for a good vet who took excellent care of Moose when he had to have his right eye removed. Moose is thankful for all those shmucks who brought him treats afterwards. Overheard recently as my son was playing in the bathtub, "Hehe, man, that was the best scam ever...faking this glaucoma and gettin' my eye out. What a buncha suckers...hehe. Boo yah."

3) Moose is thankful for all the stuffing inside his toys. I'm thankful that his digestive system is able to eliminate the stuffing in a nice neat turd each time.

4)  I'm thankful that while I manage to burn the rice at least once a week, I haven't burned down the house. Moose is thankful for his tiny fire blanket and tiny fire extinguisher.

5) Moose is thankful for our neighbors Juan and Rosa cuz Juan lets him pee on his work boots almost every time. I'm thankful that Rosa vacuums/cleans just about as often as I do.

6) I'm thankful for Victoria's Secret having a sale on panties. So is Moose.

7) Moose is thankful for apple pieces and baby carrots. I'm thankful that he eats clean cuz we don't buy junk food.

8) I'm thankful for how happy Moose is ALL THE TIME. (He's happy that I wrote that.)

9) We're both thankful for all the fun people in our lives and know we're fortunate that they put up with our total nonsense so gracefully.

10) We're both also thankful for all the future moments that we'll turn into all sorts grand adventures that really aren't true but we like to think it is because we like to think that so much happens to us and it all needs to be recorded and reported. And exaggerated.

This list could go on and is just a tiny drop in our large bucket of thankfulness. Right now, I'm thankful for the impeccable timing of Moose's bowels and his ability to pace frantically at the door until I take him out.

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